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Boutique Apartment Management

Dedicated Account Manager for your properties. 1 property or 100 properties you will have a dedicated single point of contact who is responsible for your portfolio. The accountability and ease of contact is a benchmark of Waller Group Property Management. You will benefit from the scale and size of a large management company with the personalization of a single point of contact. Our account managers compensation directly correlates with the performance of your property. Your net operating income dictates their compensation. The metrics we use include occupancy, rental growth, annual budget targets, and resident retention. Not only are Waller Group Account Manager compensated by the performance of your property but they’re also scored monthly against their peers to improve performance. Professionalism and accountability is one of the leading components driving the performance of Waller Group Property Management, all while improving the quality of life for our residents. Single-family asset management is only offered in Dallas and the adjoining counties only.

Waller Group has created a competitive advantage through the intense focus of improving quality of resident life in boutique apartment communities ranging from 5-80 units. The amenities may lack those of larger apartment buildings but the sense of community and personalized management solidified by the Waller Group makes up for it, and has proven to actually be a competitive advantage in our communities. Waller Group excels in creating a unique personalized experience for our residents. This is facilitated through community rules and guidelines custom tailored for that specific community and neighborhood.

Residents of Waller Group properties are valued and appreciated. We believe what is many times the most difficult financial burden for most of our residents can also be used as an accountability mechanism to foster good habits, hope, and improved quality of life. Waller Group account managers, service technicians, porters, including the dedicated resident manager, work hard to educate and inform our residents of how they can also improve the quality of their lives, fostering education, family values, good health, working hard to show we care about the quality of lives of our residents. We do this through monthly incentives, active participation in the community, good neighbor programs, leading by example, education and care.