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Mission Statement

Increasing owner and resident equity through improved quality of life for residents of workforce and affordable housing.

Waller Group Properties fosters and retains quality residents through offering enhanced resident management services. Waller Group’s management fosters and leverages accountability providing resident personal growth and well being. As a result Waller group owners benefit from increased social and financial equity in their properties as Waller Group residents experience a better quality of life.

Waller Group Properties not only focuses on improved quality of life for our residents but also focuses on providing a sense of community in each property. Whether a single family home or a boutique apartment building, you will be ensured quality and uniform living guidelines. Those guidelines help provide a sense of community include: no smoking, enhanced security, porter services and inspections to ensure a clean and safe environment. All Waller Group communities have a good neighbor system which employ residents onsite to help ensure consistent reporting and fulfillment of onsite management. Waller Group Property Management grades their service technicians by how quickly work orders are filled and how pleased our residents are with their quality of work.

Residents benefit from easy access to an online tenant portal 24/7, through which you can pay your rent and submit a maintenance request at any time. Rent can also be paid at any 7-11, CVS, and Ace Cash Express. Residents can also submit maintenance requests online, from your desktop or your mobile device. We offer 24/7 help through our maintenance line in both English and Spanish.

Full-Service Property Management for owners of single-family homes and boutique apartment buildings.

Waller Group Property Management was founded by Logan Waller and Dianne Kuykendall. Logan’s background since 19 years of age has been investment property sales….In 2004 Logan began acquiring residential properties and quickly learned the management was just as challenging as the acquisition. Dianne Kuykendall has catapulted the growth of Waller Group Property Management.

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