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About Us

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50 Years Combined Experience

Waller Group Property Management is composed of a deeply experienced team that brings more than 50 years’ combined expertise to the table. Owners can rest easy that we know exactly what we’re doing, and we understand how best to care for a property and keep it full.

Residents can feel secure in the knowledge that we always take care of our own, making for a calm, cozy and responsive living situation. From maintenance requests to routine maintenance, we do everything we can to maintain the value of the owner’s property and the integrity of the tenant’s experience.

Our property management arm also works closely with Waller Group Brokerage, providing an array of services, including property valuation analysis, property tax consulting, capital allocation, budgeting guidance and more. With access to local market data and depth of experience managing other class B and C boutique properties, we provide owners an advantage over most traditional management companies.

Our Mission

Increasing owner and resident equity through improved quality of workforce and affordable housing.

Waller Group Properties fosters and retains quality residents through offering enhanced resident management services. Waller Group’s management fosters and leverages the accountability required to build communities providing growth through accountability, hope, and love.

As a result, Waller Group owners benefit from increased social and financial equity in their properties. Waller Group residents cultivate the accountability and behavior required to grow their financial equity while experiencing a better quality of life.

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