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Our Story

Logan purchased his first investment property at the age of 18, after selling the property 12 months later for 5 times what he paid for the house he decided real estate would be a career. Waller Group’s first multifamily acquisition was an underperforming apartment building in 2015. Waller Group Property management increased rents 60%. Given the DFW metroplex rapid rental growth over a short period; Logan’s concern for affordable and workforce housing, and the homeless situation grew. As a result of owning and stabilizing an underperforming asset and learning about the resources available for low income families, Waller Group realized the vast opportunities and underserved market for boutique apartment quality property management. As a result Waller Group Property Management also grew it’s third party management business to include the same best practices used for their own properties. Waller Group realized a competitive advantage can be earned in a boutique apartment community over a larger community with amenities if it’s managed with Care and accountability creating a sense of community.

Waller Group Property Management will continue to refine and grow their management services to include secondary and tertiary markets to satisfy the One Stop Shopping many of the Waller Group clients have come accustomed to when making acquisitions and property management decisions.